Rubber-Neck® - 16st - 16" Solid Core, Thin Line Gooseneck

Top Microphone Clamp For Musicians, Content Creators, and Streamers

Need more flexibility in your microphone holder extensions? The Rubber-Neck® 16" solid core, thin line gooseneck can help you get your mics exactly where you need them with flexible position and solid, firm hold! The smooth black finish ensures a glare-free experience from lights or camera flashes.

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Proudly made in the U.S.A. for over 30 years!
Rubber-Neck® 10st / 16st / 20st solid core, thin line goosenecks


  • 16″ solid core, thin line, flexible extension
  • Flexible Extension brings microphones closer to their subject
  • Enables Hands-Free Use
  • Also available in our 1/2″ Standard “S SERIES” (more ridged but still bendable) materials
  • Durable & Stable Holds Selected Position
  • No creak or noise on position changes
  • Smooth black exterior
  • No glare from sun, lights, or camera flashes
  • Will Not Rust