Mic-Eze® - Pig-E-Bak Stacked Dual Mic Clamp

Top Microphone Clamp For Musicians, Content Creators, and Streamers

Need to stack a mic on top of another microphone? The Pig-E-bak from Mic-Eze® is the solution you need! With 2 perpendicular mic clamps, the Pig-E-Bak is a simple solution to stack a second mic on top of another. Ideal for broadcast or video applications that need a way to achieve perfect sound separation.

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Proudly made in the U.S.A. for over 30 years!
Mic-Eze® - Pig-e-Bak dual microphone clamp


  • Pig-E-Bak is 2 Ml Perpendicular Clamps attached to each other desirable for mounting microphones to microphones
  • A simple way to stack a second microphone on top of another – a single M1 clamps to the original mic and allows a second mic to be placed in the same area
  • Perfectly suited for broadcast and other video applications needing a way to attain a direct separate feed, either temporarily or permanently
  • Microphones can be mounted to top, bottom or side – making this unit ideal for sound separations

How To Use