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Mike and Ruth Kairys with their daughter Debbie

AC-CETERA INC. manufacturer of the MIc-Eze® CLAMP was established in 1989, and has been a been serving the Music Industry with Quality Accessory Products for over 25 Years. Located in the Laurel Mountains of Western Pennsylvania in the town of LATROBE, known for the offering of the World’s first Banana-Split, once the home of Rolling Rock Beer, Arnold Palmer, Mr. Rogers & his Neighborhood, we stand committed in supporting the local community and economy. Our Flagship Products: MIc-Eze®; Rubber-Neck;Lumin-Eze™ are of USA manufactured parts and assembled in our Latrobe facility. The majority of our new EZ-Clamp™ products use our USA Manufactured Products and are enhanced with some offshore co-owned injection molded parts, upon which final assembly of these products is also in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Ac-Cetera Inc. is proud of our USA manufacturing position, and we intend that this will be our main focus for the future.

Over 25 years ago we started with patents held to produce our Flagship Product the “MIc-Eze® M-1” which continues to be our number 1 product and has given us the MIc-Eze® Brand Recognition that many musician’s know. At various Trade shows we get favorable comments from many musician’s whom have been using the same M1 Clamp in excess of 20 years with any issues at all. Our product line has continued to grow as the direct result of listening to the requests of musician’s, developing the product and then adding them to our offerings.

Our latest release of Smart Phone Holders / Tablet Holders / Table Top and Expandable Floor Stand models have also evolved from the input of musician’s, their requests. These products are enabling AC-CETERA to maintain focus on the continuing trend of electronic devices being used in the music industry and giving the musician a quick and easy way to clamp & hold these devices for hands free applications. Our products are available through various distribution channels. In the event they cannot be located, please always contact us through our web site: WWW.miceze.com.

It has been a pleasure serving this most dynamic music industry for the past 25 years, and we are positioned to continue these various product offerings for many years to come.


EZClamp is our newest product line of clamping systems for iPad, iPhone, tablets and other Smart Devices. These holders will allow users to access the thousands of APPS available through SmartPhones & iPads HANDS FREE. Whether you are into music or any other format, these holders enable Hands Free access by clamping to any structure up to 2 inches or threading to your microphone stand. We hope you enjoy these products and hope they enhance your experiences with the new revolution of APPS.


Our microphone placement design gives you the freedom and flexibility to place your microphones wherever your want without having to worry about where you put a microphone stand. You simply clamp and lock the microphone placement system to any rim or stand. And with 16 different models to choose from, you can achieve precise micing anywhere on your drum set. Just think ....... No more heavy, cumbersome microphone stands. MIc-Eze® products consist of 9 bases, 2 holders and 5 combination units that clamp-on to objects and direct microphones. The primary application has been as a microphone placement system for drum sets. Drummers, in particular have grown to love this product because it enables them to mic any part of their drum set by simply clamping this secure device to any rim, pole or stand and use any microphone they choose. MIc-Eze® products are not limited to drumming, they also work well for any application where microphones are needed. Features: Strong Spring Action Clamp Extra Wide Opening Clamp Jaw Protective Clamp Pads Lock-on Design Black Finish Very Light Weight Strong and Compact


A unique smooth black gooseneck that boasts of a no-creak technology and super stable positioning. RUBBER-NECK® is a flexible extension (gooseneck) that brings microphones closer to their subject and enables hands-free micing. They are available in a solid core model, hollow center model or wired XLR to XLR. Two neck size diameters are offered, standard (1/2”) and thin line (3/8”). Features: Smooth Black Finish No-creak No-glare Memory


In 1996, a new line of clamp-on work lights calledLumin-Eze™was introduced. They satisfy a need by directing light to hard to see places such as reading CD titles in DJ work places or seeing equipment controls in dimly lit rooms. Many other non-music applications are easily handled by this product when direct light is needed in dimly lit places. Just find a convenient place to clamp and you have light. AllLumin-Eze™products are available in 12 and 18 inch neck lengths. There are two styles to choose from, a trapeze hinge or flexible neck for those areas that need an extension. Clamp-on models come with a 12 volt power supply. The XLR and BNC models are terrific on those mixers with 12 volt active outputs. All models are available with standard incandescent or halogen bulbs. LUMIN-EZE™ work lights are available either as a clamp-on system, XLR connector or BNC plug-in. All models are offered in 12 and 18 inch lengths. Features: Clamp-on models: Clamps securely to structures. Direct light to subject only. Shade shields from unwanted glare Extension arm always stays in position. BNC & XLR models: Direct light to subject only. Shade shields from unwanted glare Extension arm always stays in position Plugs into mixer 12 volt output 3 or 4 pin XLR (specify)