EZ-Clamp™ EZ11 - 4' Floor Stand, Quick Release Tablet Holder

Product: EZ11 - 4 Foot Floor Stand, Quick Release Tablet Holder
Model Number: EZ11
Retail Price: $125.00


  • A Four (4') Foot Secure Floor Stand or Podium Universal Tablet Holder
  • Portable & Lightweight Design only 6 pounds
  • Trip Proof legs
  • Slanted leg concept to get the device closer to the person without interference
    From the stand post
  • Height Adjustment, 2' to 4'can be used standing or sitting, design of the slant lets
  • The Legs slide underneath furniture for closer viewing
  • This system has been universally designed to fit the vast majority off all available
    tablet devices mounted either in portrait or landscape mode
  • A system that can be used with or withoutout removing any protective covers, even
    The Griffin Survivor Cover
  • Durable: features a Heavy Duty Ball & Socket System, designed for secure 360
    degree rotational mounting positions, once tightened into place it will stay
  • Ideally suited for Stage applications / tablet mounting as a music stand / Portable
    Podium / Business Presentations / Classroom applications /
    Videoconferencing / Staff Training / Mobile Entertainment / Information
    Kiosks / Home & Manufacturing applications / Watch Movies /
    Stream video / Skyping
  • Quick Release System, quick & easy to use, rapid removal of the tablet, holds the
    Tablet device in a secure manner either landscape or portrait position
  • Expandable body grip opening spans 5.5" to 8.25"
  • Heavy Duty Ball & Socket Locking Connector
  • Rotation of 360 Degrees with 180 Degree Arm Swing, unlimited positioning

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